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Welcome to Unimposing Walrus, an independent video game company dedicated to delivering high-quality adventure games that make your brain work.

Our puzzle adventure game Labyrinthatory released on Steam in October 2023. Follow us on social media for updates on Labyrinthatory and any future games!


Reviews for Labyrinthatory

See what others have to say about Labyrinthatory:

“I'm super impressed with the sheer amount of puzzles!”

-Emma Sargent, beta tester

“I love this game so much! It was super fun & the perfect amount of challenging. It was super easy to make it interactive and engaging for my stream chat. They had a great time trying to solve the puzzles alongside me. The little assistant is so cute too!”

-AndysComing37, Steam reviewer

“It's SO GOOD. Honestly, I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was.”

-Bryn Ballard, beta tester