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The great robot creator Steven Wernicke has passed away in the year 3086. His niece, Roxanne, is tasked with uncovering his life’s most important work. Along the way, she must solve puzzles and riddles, collect items, and interact with Wernicke’s robots as she uncovers the mystery in this puzzle-based top-down collectathon adventure made for children who got old!


  • Over 80 unique puzzle experiences with billions of possible variations
  • Customizable difficulty settings for most puzzles (Normal, Hard, and Stupid Hard)
  • Item collection and area progression (Rad boots!)
  • Hints, quick travel, autosave, and other player helps
  • Quirky, funny dialogue with lovable characters
  • Possibly too many pop culture references

Take your puzzle experience to the next level from familiar, simple puzzles to absurdly difficult ones, all at your option.

A picture of a Hangman puzzle A picture of a chemical breakdown puzzle

Hours of puzzling. Brain building. Laughing. All in a laboratory labyrinth-type place. Or Labyrinthatory, if you like a good portmanteau. Come for the puzzles, stay for the weirdness, and leave with a fondness for toast.


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Reviews for Labyrinthatory

See what others have to say about Labyrinthatory:

“I'm super impressed with the sheer amount of puzzles!”

-Emma Sargent, beta tester

“I love this game so much! It was super fun & the perfect amount of challenging. It was super easy to make it interactive and engaging for my stream chat. They had a great time trying to solve the puzzles alongside me. The little assistant is so cute too!”

-AndysComing37, Steam reviewer

“It's SO GOOD. Honestly, I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was.”

-Bryn Ballard, beta tester

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